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Best of 2022 Closer

Looking back at this equivalent post from the previous year is always amusing, but this time around it was hilarious; I really thought 2022’s amazing first quarter prospects meant we’d get a proper release date spread for videogames throughout the year! Truly a fool. Nonetheless, looking forward is always fun, and 2023 definitively contains the promise of the next mainline Fire Emblem, the next mainline Final Fantasy (maybe even two of them?), the next mainline Zelda, both a new Tekken and a new Street Fighter, and the next Christopher Nolan / Mission Impossible films. Hey, we might even get some big Xbox exclusives again, or even an Australian Steam Deck release? We can certainly dream.

I cant’t wait for it to start gathering momentum, but until that happens, here’s a look back at all my favourite stuff from 2022:

1. Top 10 Disappointments

2. Five Special Awards

3. Top 5 Game Consoles

4. Top 15 K-Pop Singles

5. Top 10 Movie Characters

6. Top 10 Gaming Moments

7. Top 10 Movie Scenes

8. Top 10 K-Pop Albums

9. Top 15 Games

10. Top 10 Movies