Capture Testin’, Phase One

I recently acquired some basic game capture hardware, namely a Kaiser Baas Series 8 Game Recorder. It runs in standard definition through AV cables and I have misplaced said cables for my Xbox 360 and my PS3 (who knew I would ever need them?). Luckily I have a Wii with which to test the screenshot features. Here I do just that.

I’m running The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. You can read my review of the game here.

SS Map

Faron Woods Map, sick auto-border.


Dang them ‘shrooms.

Wings of Red

Soaring and all that.

Now for some comparison shots from the review…


Taken via a phone camera on a Full HD TV with component cable connection…


…and taken via the Game Recorder on a PC. The colour!

Dun da da dun da da da...

On the HD TV again…

Through the tunnel

…and on the Game Recorder. Not the exact same shot, but you get the idea.

So the edges on things are obviously more defined on the large TV, but the colours are far more vibrant and more true to the experience of playing the game on the Game Recorder. In any case, this should make games a bit easier to blog about. Maybe.

PS3/360 test still to come. The Recorder takes video as well, so I might be messing around with that feature too.

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