Too fast!

Things have been fairly hectic lately.


Coffee helps.

After a crazily productive two week period in which I finished four games, more than I finish in most years, the combination of the flu and saving money for a weekend road trip conspired to rob me of opportunities to watch three of my most anticipated movies of 2012, Brave, Snow White and the Huntsman and The Amazing Spider-Man. Not seeing those films of course meant not reviewing them, which kinda sucks.

Nevertheless, I saw The Dark Knight Rises last night and I plan to give it a couple of days to stew in my head before I put words to a review.

I will also be starting a new series of articles soon called Rant Chasers, which will deal with any new things I may discover about a game/movie/album after I am done reviewing it. This might include downloadable content for games, extra perspective on movies and/or the discovery that I like a certain album track a lot better after some time has passed.

The second half of the year is packed with awesome entertainment releases and I’m looking forward to covering them on Vagrant Rant!

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