Rant Chaser #2

Trying to start some momentum here.

R A N T – C H A S E R



Some more rant follow-ups lie here. This one covers a broader range of topics than the last one did.

New Super Mario Bros 2

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After finishing the main campaign months ago, and after writing my review, suffice to say I largely ignored NSMB2. My original thoughts on the game still stand, which might actually explain my current indifference. Once I had most of the game’s content out of the way, going for that million-coin total or trying to beat high scores I just suck too much at reaching frankly did not seem viable. With more disposable income and far less time than I’ve ever had before at my disposal, Mario’s second outing on the 3DS simply did not pack enough new or noteworthy features to keep my attention. There has been a decent smattering of DLC released for the game since its launch, and I think it’s awesome that Nintendo is doing that, but I haven’t even looked at it myself. I’d like to say I have, but I haven’t.

North – Matchbox Twenty

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Man, I love this record. I still go back to it at semi-regular intervals and with each listen I find something new to like about it. In particular, the song “The Way” just keeps getting better and better in my eyes (ears?). “Put Your Hands Up” certainly doesn’t. The album’s flow is mostly quite natural and I’m alarmed at how well certain songs fit into mixed-and-matched Matchbox Twenty playlists. Also, the band recently performed down under and had the honour of being the last act to ever perform on stage with INXS (the latter announced their disbandment at one of the shows). Touching.

Playstation Vita

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Coming to PS All-Stars for free early next year!

Much has been going on in terms of Vita happenings. I all but relinquished LittleBigPlanet Vita to my brother after he decided that spending hour after hour on the level creation tool was a prudent thing to do. The Playstation Plus service went live for the Vita last month, bringing with it a handful of high-quality free game downloads, so I traded in my physical copies of Uncharted: Golden Abyss and Gravity Rush and replaced them with digital versions. Whether that will motivate me to strive for the platinum trophy on either game is a mystery.

Frustrated by it’s delay in Australia, I ordered a copy of Persona 4 Golden from the States in much the same way I did for Catherine. I never finished the wonderful original PS2 form of the Japanese RPG and the chance to play it uncompromised on a portable with added features was just too good to pass up. I’m expecting to get it sometime next week.

I also picked up Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale on PS3 recently, which meant I got to download the full Vita version of the title for free. I shouldn’t need to spell out how awesome that is, especially since the portable battles are just as intense and fully-featured as they are on a big HD TV. Ace. A full review of the game should be up on Vagrant Rant soon. Should.

Vagrant Rant

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So I realise I said I would post a whole bunch of things last month, and said posts do all exist in some kind of unfinished form, but this whole full-time work thing is really doing its darndest to ensure my free time consists of eating and sleeping. I will soldier on and try to polish off as many of those posts as I can on my next day off, but I won’t be making any promises.

I had originally planned over a dozen posts for December, but we’ll see how that goes now. I adore top ten year-in-review lists, so I’ll be doing my best to get some of those up no matter what.

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