The Home Stretch, 2014

I’m not going to lie – it’s been very difficult to get any sort of blogging done lately. With my new employment situation piling up on top of my other commitments, my personal posting goal for 2014 looks further and further away. I will still do my best to get there, and there’s a big series of end-of-year countdowns coming as per usual, but there are many obstacles in the way right now. Not to mention ALL THE GAMES that keep releasing, a significant percentage of which I feel compelled to purchase for some reason. At last count, I believe I’ve bought nine games since I finished up with Destiny in late September, some of which I haven’t even played, and none of which I’ve even been close to finishing. And I’m not even done. Leaving all semblance of common sense behind, I’m still excited to grab the following ten gaming items before the end of the year:

This is consumerist irresponsibility at its very best, folks.

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