The Best & Worst of Pokemon – Generation by Generation

So Nintendo pulled a surprising move this year (one of many) – For the first time since 2008, they aren’t planning to release a new main series Pokemon game within a calendar year. This decision is being mitigated by all kinds of tangential announcements and releases, from shiny Pokémon giveaways to interesting spin-offs like Pokémon Shuffle, Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon, Pokken Tournament and current hype train conductor Pokémon GO, but none of that changes the fact that it looks like we won’t be earning another bagful of gym badges by Christmas.

This unusually long separation from the series has energised me somewhat, and now I feel like writing some stuff about the main Pokemon games. It’s also September, and given that last year this month was devoted to a countdown series (my top 30 favourite Nintendo franchises – on which Pokemon placed first), and the year before to 15 Zelda-themed countdowns, I figured I’d do another Nintendo-flavoured series – this time a set of pros and cons for each generation of main series Pokemon games.

Now I started these countdowns on paper in a “five pros, five cons” format, but I just couldn’t stretch my brain enough to make things that even. So some of the lists you’re going to see have six pros and four cons, while others go for a seven-three split. This does not necessarily mean I like the generations with seven pros more than the ones with six. After all, more pros/cons might just mean smaller, less consequential list entries. I will not, for the record, be singling out which generation is my favourite.

Also, it goes without saying that these lists are entirely my opinion, and they WILL differ from yours. On that note, thanks for checking them out! Let’s get started in a little bit with Gen I.

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