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The Importance of Film Scores

Now time for creth8, an absolute authority on film and film language who spends a lot of time in media relations and is quite a talent to boot.

—Written by creth8—

—Edited/formatted by Vagrantesque—

To the casual filmgoer, it’d likely be the acting, set pieces or tone that gets discussed after one’s latest cinematic encounter. It would rarely be the music score that would leave much of an impression – which is a great shame. As the saying goes, “Sound is 50 percent of the moviegoing experience.” Film scores (and sound effects) actually do a lot to enhance acting, set pieces and tone. Whilst Bernard Hermann (North By Northwest, Psycho, Taxi Driver) did much to revitalise the popularity of soundtracks, John Williams was arguably more influential. Most film lovers would be able to hum the themes to Star Wars, Indiana Jones and ET with great ease. Williams famously employed leitmotifs – themes for characters, locations and thematic ideas – into his scores. It’s a great pleasure to hear themes reoccur in different variations to suit the onscreen action.

The theme is in your head right now, isn’t it?

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Flappy *****

That’s it. This is as high as I’m ever gonna score on Flappy Bird. I’m done with this stupid game.

IMG_0169 IMG_0170 IMG_0171 IMG_0172 IMG_0173 IMG_0174

I kinda wanted to get to 30, but I also kinda need my iPad for important stuff, so having it broken due to blunt force wall impact trauma is probably best avoided.

Oh yeah, while we’re on the topic of awful things, I made the rather embarrassing mistake of leaving out a big entry on my 2014 most anticipated movies list last week. This genuinely would have been number 2, wedged between the new X-Men movie and Interstellar. Behold the awesome trailer for The Raid 2: Berandal:

I am ashamed.