Now that Vagrant Rant is about half a year old, this might be as good a time as any to break down all those fancy coloured ‘V‘s you can find around Vagrant Rant.
In other words, just what does each review rating mean?
Find out now.


0.5 VsN O .

You will rarely, if ever, see this score on Vagrant Rant, because I am not a professional reviewer and therefore don’t have to subject myself to things I wouldn’t normally watch/play/listen to. Needless to say, if you do see it, please steer well clear of whatever filth deserved it. Please.

1 VD I S G U S T I N G

If something gets this score it is not worthy of much attention, except if that attention is pure curiosity at how badly something can go wrong. It may have one cool feature/bit, but otherwise, eww.

1.5 VsU G L Y

Some people might find something to enjoy within a piece of entertainment media that gets this score, but by and large it isn’t great quality and will usually rank as a disappointment, at least in my eyes.

2 VsW E A K

There are some redeeming qualities in something that gets two ‘V’s, and they are noticeable, but at the end of the day it just isn’t very good. There are better pieces of media out there to spend your time and money on.

2.5 VsA L R I G H T

Roughly speaking, the value of the weak points in something ‘ALRIGHT’ match the value of its strong points. Fans of the artist or series responsible for the product may find enough to like within it to justify a look.

3 VsS O L I D

“Solid but not spectacular” might be a good summary of what three ‘V’s means on Vagrant Rant. It’s positives outweigh its negatives and it deserves a chance, if a brief one.

3.5 VsG !

Standing for “Good!” or “Great!” (take your pick), this rating comes with my tentative recommendation, particularly for fans of the genre in question. Although it does have noticeable flaws, a piece of entertainment that gets this rating tends to pack quite a bit of entertainment.

515/110A M A Z I N G

If something is ‘Amazing’ in my opinion, that means I believe that almost anyone can find something worthwhile within it. It guarantees that I enjoyed my time with it quite a lot and I would casually recommend it despite any flaws it may have.

4.5 VsI N C R E D I B L E

‘Incredible’ things are just that. Any flaws they have are almost insignificant next to how you feel after you’re done playing/watching/listening to them. They leave you feeling that you’ve just experienced something special.

5 VsP H E N O M E N A L

You won’t see this rating much on Vagrant Rant either, not because it means something is perfect (it definitely doesn’t) but because any reviewer, casual or otherwise, is hesitant to spam their top score. Needless to say if something does gets the score it means I think you should go check it out, right now.


Because a “Five V” scale only has ten scores on it, it is a little limited in how accurate it can be. But hey, that’s what the words in any review are for!
Remember that all the scores I give out are based on opinion.

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