VR Zelda Month: The Stats


To those curious as to how all the Legend of Zelda games stacked up against one another on this blog when it came to raw number of list mentions this last month or so, this is the post you have been looking for! How incredibly exciting!

This list does not include honorable mentions, just the main list material. A mention fully counts even if it shares an entry on a particular list with one or more other games. Entries that do not specifically refer to any particular game do not give a mention to any game for the purposes of this list. The last list, my top ten favourite Zelda games, didn’t count towards this tally.

It’s all there real quick-like after the jump.

0 Mentions:

The Legend of Zelda

Four Swords

1 Mention:

The Adventure of Link

2 Mentions:

Oracle of Seasons

3 Mentions:

Four Swords Adventures

Oracle of Ages

4 Mentions:

The Minish Cap

11 Mentions:

Spirit Tracks

Link’s Awakening

A Link to the Past

16 Mentions:

Skyward Sword

19 Mentions:

The Wind Waker

21 Mentions:

Twilight Princess

25 Mentions:

Majora’s Mask

26 Mentions:

Ocarina of Time



And there you have it. As you can see, not exactly reflective of my actual top ten Zelda games list, but maybe interesting enough to deserve its own post. You be the judge.

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