Mega Ultra Blast Cast Ep.29 – Destiny, Err’day


It’s Destiny launch weekend and to celebrate the Mega Ultra Blast Cast gives out a free month of Playstation Plus and talks extensively about the massive game, trying to work out whether it’s actually good or just addictive at the moment. We also discuss Nintendo’s strange “New 3DS” announcement, the complete leaked Super Smash Bros roster, which season of Telltale’s The Walking Dead is the best and whether, after all that’s happened recently, the Playstation Vita is “dead” or not. Play some Destiny and give us a listen while you do!

If you feel so inclined, go for a run, take a scenic drive, jazz up your afternoon commute or just curl up on the couch and play some games while you listen to the opinions of three hopelessly addicted Sydneysiders.

You can play the whole episode right off this page if you like:



Or you can go to the Soundcloud site/app and listen from there:

(To download and listen offline, follow the link and then click the download tab)

As always if you enjoy what you hear please share the cast with your friends – Until next time!

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