What a Wonderful Month, and So On

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For the last two years on this blog I have backed up my excitement for the entertainment media offerings of the month of June by writing down some of said offerings in a dedicated post. While this year’s version of the month doesn’t look quite as good in this department as, say, last year’s, when The Last of Us and Animal Crossing: New Leaf dropped on consecutive days, I’m still able to bring together ten releases for which I am suitably keen. I would be jumping out of my skin waiting for June to come around even without any of these – the FIFA World Cup is nearly here, after all – but they just make the idea of the month even sweeter. Here are ten of the things that will be available to us this June (in chronological order):

Mario Kart 8 Shenanigans – Throughout June
Yeah, MK8 ain’t technically a June release, but it comes out on the last day of May (today, in fact) and being the kind of hectic multiplayer-focused game that it is, I know I will be playing plenty of it throughout the first winter month. I’m sure anyone else planning to pick up the Wii U mega-title feels much the same. Whether locally, online or both, I’ll be burning heaps of virtual rubber in the coming weeks.

New Playstation Plus Games – First Week of June
In recent times some of the most consistently exciting moments for Playstation gamers have been the regular announcements of the monthly free games on offer for the company’s amazing PS Plus service. A free game per month for the PS4 is a sweet deal, but if you also have a PS3 and a Vita, the equation gets even better. Since the launch of the PS4 the monthly free games list has literally never disappointed me once, and the value is only set to increase with a slightly larger rotation coming in for June. The free offerings for the coming month, just announced two days ago, are Pixeljunk Shooter Ultimate (PS4), Trine 2: Complete Story (PS4), NBA 2K14 (PS3), Lone Survivor (PS3/Vita), Surge Deluxe (Vita) and Dragon’s Crown (Vita). I mean, wow. I really can’t complain there.

Murdered: Soul Suspect – June 5th
Taking the ballsy videogame release slot a weak before E3 – the one held last year by the divisive Capcom title Remember MeMurdered: Soul Suspect is the next Square Enix-published game in a line of former Eidos properties that seem unable to put a foot wrong at the moment (following on from the mostly strong showings of Sleeping Dogs, Hitman Absolution and the rebooted Tomb Raider and Thief games). Its story has you solving several murder mysteries, including your own, as a ghostly version of your former self. I am absolutely in the mood for a mysterious narrative-driven experience right now, so the game is hitting at a good time for me.

Edge of Tomorrow – June 5th
I tend to like sci-fi time travel movies even if they don’t ultimately shake out as the highest quality stories, so the positive early consensus on Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt’s new Groundhog Day-esque thriller Edge of Tomorrow is really piquing my interest. The sub-genre that has brought us the likes of Source Code and Looper over the past few years isn’t exactly well-worn as of yet, and I can’t help but like the two leads, so I’ll try to make a point of seeing it.

Tomodachi Life – June 7th
Nintendo’s new, super Japanese pseudo life-sim is hitting the Western world without an ounce of shame, keeping its weird humour, feverish energy, adorable presentation and even its obscure name. The choice to unleash the game beyond Japanese shores is a bold one from the Big N, but even more bold is the move to price the hard-to-explain title at a full $60 AUD. Only time, review scores, and word of mouth will determine whether the game is worth a buy, but I will be watching it with great interest nonetheless.

E3 – June 10th-13th
There is absolutely no way that this year’s edition of E3 will be able to top the frenzied, euphoric chaos of last year’s showing (which did, after all, feature the now-famous Sony gut punch to Microsoft, the reveals of Titanfall and The Division, new Smash Bros, Star Wars Battlefront and Mario Kart games, the solidification of Final Fantasy XV‘s direction, the Fairy-type reveal for Pokemon X & Y and much more). However, there is more than enough content in proposition to ensure it dominates most other recent years, even if Half Life 3 isn’t revealed. Stay tuned to Vagrant Rant for more.

Pullblox World – June 19th
For all its must-have titles and general high quality retail output, the Nintendo 3DS also boasts a pretty robust suite of critically acclaimed downloadable games. Brain teaser Pullblox and its sequel Fallblox (know in the US as Pushmo and Crashmo respectively) are right on top of that list, making the recent announcement of a Wii U sequel, entitled Pullblox World, an exciting prospect indeed. Developer Intelligent Systems, responsible for the Advance Wars, Fire Emblem, Paper Mario and WarioWare series, certainly knows its way around presentation and challenge. An easy day one purchase for me.

22 Jump Street – June 19th
I didn’t end up reviewing The LEGO Movie on this blog due to a bunch of delays and a busy schedule, but rest assured it is one of my favourite films of this year. Seeing the directorial duo responsible for its outlandish and wildly successful tone already behind the lens for another 2014 movie release is a mouth-watering prospect indeed. I really liked 21 Jump Street, particularly because of its pacing, the refreshing angle at which it approached high school movie cliches and the surprising comedic talents of Channing Tatum. I’m also just generally a big fan of Dave Franco. Bring that sequel on.

How To Train Your Dragon 2 – June 19th
I’ve already outed How To Train Your Dragon 2 as easily one of my most anticipated movies of 2014, because even though I missed the initial wave of hype for the first film I got right on board after I rented the blu-ray. Man, that movie was good. I’m pretty sure I teared up near the end. The second chapter seems to add more dragons, some extra familial relationship drama and freaking medieval wing suits. Despite Jay Baruchel’s slightly grating voice and a tendency for Dreamworks sequels to miss the mark set by their predecessors, you just can’t argue with medieval wing suits.

Transformers: Age of Extinction – June 26th
I don’t know if “excited” is really the word I would use here to describe my feelings for yet another Transformers movie from Michael Bay, but I know I’ll go to see the movie anyway, if only just to be part of the conversation about it. Not exactly sure how I feel about that.

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