Best of 2019 Closer

And so we enter a new decade, full of fresh promise and plenty of as-yet uncertain change. At the end of the ’20s, what will all these mediums look like? How many of the movies we watch will debut on streaming services? Will we have another new console generation or will the next ones stand longer with half-upgrades? Who even knows what K-Pop will look like?

In any case, this is how the 2010s closed out for me; my favourite videogame, K-Pop and movie stuff of 2019:



1. Top 10 Disappointments

2. Five Special Awards

3. Top 15 K-Pop Singles

4. Top 10 Movie Characters

5. Top 4 Game Consoles

6. Top 10 Movie Scenes

7. Top 10 Gaming Moments

8. Top 11 K-Pop Albums

9. Top 15 Games

10. Top 10 Movies


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