Ten 2022 Movies Summarised in Ten Words Each

We are fully back to our regular schedule of movie-watching! Getting to the ten new releases mark when April has barely begun – without having to scrape around on streaming services – feels a bit like coming home if I’m honest. While you can probably say I started that journey in earnest last year, 2022 so far has largely brought my friends’ enthusiasm for the big screen back as well, so I’ve been having a better time watching as a result. That might have affected how positive I feel looking back at this batch of cinematic morsels, but who knows; they might just actually be decent viewing.

Well, with one or two exceptions.

The Aussie film release calendar is about to get properly packed, too – here’s hoping a good start leads to a good year!

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Death on the Nile

Mystery hits different after Knives Out, but this film’s gorgeous.”


Viewed as alternateuniverse homage, it’s a surprisingly fun outing.”

The Batman

Dark Knight it ain’t, but visuals, score, acting all excel.”

The Adam Project

Hard to hate when emotional ambushes and welcome performances abound.”


Equal parts thrillingly evocative, deeply terrifying and oddly, rebelliously hopeful.”

Turning Red

Surprisingly Canadian ’90s nostalgia wave brings cringey yet endearing laughs.”

No Exit

Tense, efficient, twistladen, and wastes none of your time!”


Poorly written, messily editedbluetinged mess; do not bother.”

The Bubble

Tropic Thunder with shaky pandemic / zoomer jokes and less plot.”

Sonic the Hedgehog 2

Betterbalanced than Sonic 1; Elba and Rothwell steal it.”

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