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Game Review: Game & Wario

My first-ever Wii U review! Starting now there will be at least one exclusive Nintendo-published game worth playing, at least in theory, released for the content-starved console each month until year’s end. Is this one of those? Uh, well…

Wii U
Intelligent Systems
Rating: G

That devious entrepreneur wants to charge $80 for this.

That devious moustachioed entrepreneur wants to charge $80 for this.


The Wii U needs them. Pretty badly. Barring Lego City Undercover and Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate back in March, admittedly both good titles, there has been a whole lot of nothing released for the console since December last year. But starting with Game & Wario, the gaming giant is set to release a relatively steady stream of quality leading all the way up to Christmas. Whether you enjoy Game & Wario will depend on whether you think it’s worth paying full price for a game that packs just as much fun and imaginative content as it does dull and lifeless “ideas”.

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WHY IS IT SO COLD? Aren’t we meant to be the sunburnt country or something?

It’s a bit of a quiet time in entertainment media at the moment. Call it the calm before the storm if you like; Microsoft will be revealing its next generation Xbox in a matter of days and E3 is only a few weeks away! And let’s not forget a little film called Man of Steel – that juggernaut will be hitting our screens before we know it!

Anyway if you’re feeling blue today (maybe because of that aforementioned temperature) take a dose of this to lift your spirits. Here’s a freshly released example of what can happen when Korea and Japan work together: