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Why I Don’t Hate Remakes

Time to close out the week with a kendo enthusiast, accomplished D&D dungeon master and manchester expert.

—Written by BrotherMiles—

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Good Evening Internet,

Let me start off by thanking Ryan for having me here and allowing me to yell into the aether. Love the work you’re doing here Ryan!

In the spirit of my argument.

In the spirit of my argument.

The thought I want to present to you tonight, Internet, is that remakes of your beloved games don’t have to be evil, nor does the act of undertaking the resurrection of an old franchise constitute a scheme to cut your purse. As long as the developer is using the original as an inspiration rather than a commodity then I am a happy man.

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WHY IS IT SO COLD? Aren’t we meant to be the sunburnt country or something?

It’s a bit of a quiet time in entertainment media at the moment. Call it the calm before the storm if you like; Microsoft will be revealing its next generation Xbox in a matter of days and E3 is only a few weeks away! And let’s not forget a little film called Man of Steel – that juggernaut will be hitting our screens before we know it!

Anyway if you’re feeling blue today (maybe because of that aforementioned temperature) take a dose of this to lift your spirits. Here’s a freshly released example of what can happen when Korea and Japan work together: