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Album Review: Worlds – Porter Robinson

Time for another all-too-uncommon album review, this time from guest writer, graphic artist and DJ extraordinaire Youniversal.

—Written by Youniversal—

—Edited/formatted by Vagrantesque—

August 2014
Virgin Records
Genre: EDM


All ethereal-like.


1. Divinity (feat. Amy Millan)
2. Sad Machine
3. Years of War (feat. Breanne Duren & Sean Caskey)
4. Flicker
5. Fresh Static Snow
6. Polygon Dust (feat. Lemaitre)
7. Hear the Bells (feat. Imaginary Cities)
8. Natural Light
9. Lionhearted (feat. Urban Cone)
10. Sea of Voices
11. Fellow Feeling
12. Goodbye To a World

There comes a time in every conceptual cycle where the new kid on the block finds a unique answer to the age old question: “What comes next?” On August 12th 2014, 22 year old Porter Robinson released a masterpiece that used its devices to break the limitations of what the industry would consider EDM. ‘Worlds’ is a 12 piece synthpop album that takes the charm of a late 90’s 32-bit title and the flare of otaku culture, then shoves them together to produce what you could call a beautifully glitchy nostalgic mess. Using the english vocaloid AVANNA by Zero G and the help of artists such as Amy Millan and Urban Cone, Robinson guides his listeners through a universe of escapism and the unlikely relationships that blossom between reality and the digital world.

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Dazzling Dazidia: A Beat Exploration

Listeners to the podcast I’m on, the Mega Ultra Blast Cast, will likely be familiar with Dazidia, the talented DJ who provides our music clips and occasionally remixes our trashy talk. So I’m quite familiar with the chilled vibes of his musical portfolio. Yet it wasn’t until recently that I downloaded a bunch of his songs and attempted to make a playlist out of them to act as writing/wind-down music. After perusing his Soundcloud profile, this is what I came up with:

(Some of these tracks are also on Daz’s new album/playlist release, Denuo. I’ve marked these particular songs with italics)

1. Jam Session

2. Ascension

3. Sail Away

4. Symphonie de la Vie

5. Cosmic Embrace

6. Moonstruck

7. Everflow (feat. DJ Duane Woods)

8. Substratosphere

9. Technical Difficulties (feat. Esky)

10. Grandeur of the Rainforest

11. Castles in the Sand

12. Peppermint Fairway

13. Unidentified Funky Object

14. Global Ripples Project (Bonus)

15. Aria of the Lounge (Persona Chill-Out Remix) (Bonus)

I tried a couple of line-ups and settled on this one for the way it flows nicely in the background of my writing sessions. Of course, no-one knows Dazidia’s music better than the man himself, so check out his new playlist/album Denuo by clicking here. All of the above tracks are available for free download from Dazidia’s Soundcloud profile, so you too can enjoy the relaxing atmosphere of a sonic Daz journey with minimal effort. I thoroughly recommend the experience!