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Single or Multi?

Here we have a post from someone who recently entered the wonderful world of game design. You can find a link to her personal blog below.

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Single or multiplayer video games – which do you prefer?

Is this even a legit question? Well that depends on the person you’re asking I suppose. Just a little background knowledge of me: My area of study is Games Design so this question forms part of a group assignment I’m currently working on. That is why I picked this particular topic to discuss (and also I’m very indecisive on choosing what to talk about so learning stuff from college is awesome sauce). I’ve already written in depth about my group assignment so there is no point in discussing it in further detail here, you can totes read it in my blog (, #shamelesslyselfpromote).

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Album Review: PLAYER – Capsule

My album reviews start with a left-field choice, but one that introduced me to an entire genre all by itself.

March 2010
Genre: J-pop/Dance


…Nup. Can’t explain the logic here.


1. Stay With You
2. Player
3. I Wish You
4. The Music
5. Factory
6. I Was Wrong
7. Can I Have a Word
8. What Do You Want to Do
9. Hello
10. Love or Lies

Some time in late June, 2010, I was travelling on a long Singapore Airlines flight to South Africa when I decided to pass the time by checking out some of the Eastern music options available on their (awesome) in-flight entertainment system. The first option I chose was PLAYER, a Japanese electro-pop album that was relatively new at the time and that I knew absolutely nothing about. Continue reading